Monday, May 3, 2010

Global Youth Service Day

A few students at school number one, where I teach, have designed two
community service projects to celebrate Global Youth Service Day. To
celebrate Earth Day, on April 22nd, they picked up trash around the
school and made the school grounds look cleaner than I have ever seen.
Second, they are helping an elderly lady, who lives by herself, with
her spring cleaning and gardening work. On April 27th they will also
cook for her and bake her a cake, which they hope will make her very
happy. The idea of volunteerism in Turkmenistan is not widely
understood, and in preparation for Global Youth Service Day, I
discussed volunteerism with this small group of students discussed. I
posted our project on the Global Youth Service Day project (we are the
only project in Turkmenistan), and I hope that this small practice in
volunteerism will inspire these students to serve in their community
in the future.

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